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Last Update: 1st Jun 2017
League Rules
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Key Rules for season
BEFORE playing ANY league matches you must ensure that your Club / Match secretary has:

3. Each team shall consist of three pairs, each pair to play best of three games to 21 points (with setting) against each pair of the opposing team (as per Badminton England Rules)
The order of play shall be :
HOME TEAM 123 213 231 :
AWAY TEAM 123 132 312
The terms 1,2,3 for the pairs do not denote the strength of the teams, but only the order of play.
5. Clubs entering more than one team in any League shall nominate six players (A-B-C-D-E-F) for each senior team before any matches are played by any of those teams.
In the case of a mixed team, three of the nominated players shall be ladies and three shall be men.
The six nominated players must intend to play 50% of the matches, for their nominated team, in the same season.
Of the six nominated players, E & F will be allowed to play for a less senior team a maximum of twice each.
No player having played in a senior team on three or more occasions, shall be permitted to play for a less senior team in the same season, without prior permission from the league secretary.
However nominated players may be allowed to play for a less senior team at the discretion of the League Secretary or the Chairman.
Any club having more than one team in the same Division or Sub-Division of the League must play the matches between those teams before those teams play any other matches.
11. The fully completed and dated FREE POST match result card signed by the Captains of both teams is to be forwarded by the winning team or,
in the event of a draw, the home team, to be received by the League Secretary,
or other official nominated by the League Sub-Committee within FIVE days of the result of the match.
However, if the fully completed and dated Match Card is not received by the League Secretary within one calendar month
of the match being played ONE point will be deducted from the offending team.
12. Clubs scratching a fixture shall forfeit the match, subject to appeal to the League Sub-Committee.
It is expected that postponements will be re-arranged by mutual consent between Clubs whenever possible.
Where such postponements are arranged, the Honorary League Secretary must be notified immediately.
Inability of a particular player or players to represent the Club on the date arranged will not be considered a sufficient reason for postponement.
14. All play will be in accordance with the Laws of the Badminton England.
20. If a team fails to fulfil an away fixture, unless at least 7 days' notice is given,
the home team may be entitled to claim the cost of booking their hall for the match. However,
if the initial cancellation is outwith of the 7 day’s notice and additional court time is required to fulfill the fixture,
the away team may be required to pay the court costs up to a maximum of £40:00.
Any such claim shall be made to the League Sub-Committee and their decision shall be final.

DURING the season you must ensure that the following actions are completed:

1. If you wish to play a new player you (or your club's secretary) must register him/her with Badminton England and then notify the RBA League Match Secretary BEFORE playing them in ANY league matches.
2. Players are eligible to play for your team or not according to the details below:
a. A player who has played in a league match for one club shall not play for another club in the same section during the same season
b. Any player who has played three matches for one team shall not thereafter play for another team playing in the same / lower division
If an ineligible player is used to make up the numbers, this must be declared at the start of the match and all that pair's scores must be entered as 21-0 on the results card.
3. If matches need rescheduling due to
a. unavailability of courts the "home" team must rearrange with the opposition
b. unavailability of players a new date must be agreed as soon as possible
In either case, if a match will not take place on the original scheduled date, both teams must notify the RBA League Match Secretary and say which team asked for the postponement. This will affect the scores if the match is unable to be played at all.
NB. All matches must be played by Sunday 9th May 2010
4. If match time is tight game points must be apportioned correctly: if time does not allow the match to be completed ie. if the hall is to be vacated by a particular time then it is the responsibility of the "home" captain, at the completion of the the sixth rubber, to decide if the match can be completed in the time remaining. If there is insufficient time unfinished rubbers will be automatically lost by the home team.
5. Match Result Cards should be completed legibly, signed by both captains and posted by the home team to the RBA League Match Secretary within 14 days of the match
NB. Please use the cards provided.
Alternatively, a scanned image or digital photograph of the completed and signed match card may be emailed to the match secretary within 14 days if more convenient. The original match cards should be returned to the RBA League Match Secretary before the end of the season.

Contact Details for the RBA League Match Secretary: