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Last Update: 28th Sep 2016
Welcome to the Reading Badminton Association.
Our league currently has 19 member clubs, competing in 12 divisions (3 Ladies, 4 Mens, 5 Mixed). We welcome any club whose venue is within 10 miles of Reading.

We are affiliated to both the Berkshire County Badminton Association and Badminton England.
Recent Results view all
Sep 26 Chiltern C 7 - 2 Chiltern D (Mixed 2)
Sep 26 Three Of Clubs B 5 - 4 Three Of Clubs A (Mixed 1)
Sep 26 British Rail A 8 - 1 British Rail B (Mens 1)
Sep 22 Chiltern B 7 - 2 Chiltern C (Mens 2)
Sep 19 Three Of Clubs A 4 - 5 Three Of Clubs B (Mixed 1)
Coming Fixtures view all
Sep 29 Chiltern C vs. Chiltern B (Mens 2)
Oct 3 Silver Fox A vs. Three Of Clubs A (Mixed 1)
Oct 3 Chiltern B vs. Syngenta A (Mens 2)
Oct 3 Cotswold B vs. Crescent B (Mens 4)
Oct 4 Rivermead vs. Ufton B (Mixed 3)
[9th September 2016]
2016-2017 League Tables Added
2016-2017 League Tables Added ...please check

[14th October 2011]
Results 2015-2016
At the moment only the "Home" team can enter the result on the website. We will update you once the situation is rectified to allow "Winning" team to enter the score. Any problems email asap. Thank you.

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