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Last Update: 1st Jun 2017
Archived League Notices

[16th November 2016]
RBA Cup Final
The RBA Cup Final will be held at Crosfields School on 9th May between Three of Clubs B and Hurst

[30th November 2010]
RBA Knock Out Cup 2013- 2014
Final (14 May 2014 at Crosfields School )

Carlile v North Reading

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[29th November 2010]
Shuttle Prices / 2012-2013
Please email us if you have a great deal on shuttles so we can share with other clubs.height increasing shoes

[1st October 2009]
RBA 2010 - 2011 Notice
RBA Season 2010-2011 (Current Activity)
Add new Divisions for season 15/9
Add new Clubs for season 15/9 high heel shoes for men